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ACM Homes stands out from other, bigger developers with more than the usual comforts in amenities.  Beyond the standard clubhouses and parks, ACM Homes’ communities are equipped with unique facilities that engage and support family and individual pursuits.  

The Reading Room:
Learning is fun with other neighborhood kids.  Stocked with values and family oriented storybooks and educational reading materials, the Reading Room is a place for children to interact, feed their minds and create new experiences with others.  Film showing and invited guest storytellers take the experience up a notch.

Bamboo Park:
The visually mystifying rows of faux bamboo poles encourage active, creative play.  Kids get to imagine themselves heroes making their way through a bamboo forest or a maze.  Let their imagination run free.

The Greenhouse:
A tented garden where grownups wield their green thumb to grow their own food or sell produce for profit.  Kids get to enjoy a day out in the open, helping grow things, exploring nature and reconnecting to the earth.  Therapeutic gardening and finding joy in nature’s rewards creates an organic experience for the adults.

Began in partnership with the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR), the Greenhouse project aims to build a healthy and harmonized community via a community garden.

Terraced Lawns:
A series of stone pavers and grass provide unique seating and space for gathering round with neighbors and friends, to take in the breeze or watch the games at the nearby court.

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